A Secret World Beneath the Waves

Richard Kirby

230mm x 230mm / 192pages / Paperback / 150 full-colour illustrations / 24,000 words

Publication date: Autumn 10

Rights sold: UK, US

© Amanda Lunn Publishing 2010
© Amanda Lunn Publishing 2010
© Amanda Lunn Publishing 2010

Beneath the waves lies a hidden microcosm of life: the world of plankton. These microscopic algae and the tiny animals that eat them float freely in the sunlit surface of the sea, where they underpin the marine food chain, provide the world with oxygen, and play an essential role in the global carbon cycle.

Superb high-magnification photographs and informative text bring out the beauty and the amazing variety of forms in the plankton, and explain how global climate change is affecting this complex world with ramifications for us all.